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Marseille crowned: the old story, this story of a "leader"

The leader on the pitch 18 years ago has returned to lead the armies conquered dream exists in every beat of the heart contractions port city of nearly two decades. Ligue 1 with VD in the first season to lead Marseille, Didier Deschamps has become a symbol of triumph of this team, as a player and coach.

He is one of the famous names in world football player's life is rife with glory. Won a series of noble titles from the national team level (France) to clubs (Marseille, Juventus and Chelsea), each step of stopping the heels Deschamps is successful.

Deschamps winning smile, Getty images

From Louis II to the Olimpico, Deschamps has quickly proved his talent on the bench for direction. With Monaco is the most memorable milestone in the club's history: to take the final Champions League 2003-2004 (Jose Mourinho's Porto lost 0-3). In a feat to Juventus, "Lao lady" back in Serie A before the third round despite starting the season with -17 points. Deschamps then chose to return to lead Marseille - that his team had caps, as well as the launch pad took him to the peak of glory.

Back yard Velodrome with sweet memories of two national championships consecutively in 1992, 1993 (stripped of the title in 1993 because then fixing scandal) and culminating in the prestigious Champions League trophy season 1992-1993 (C1/Champions League Cup only club in the history of the country in particular and France in general), Deschamps understand that he is a burden on their responsibilities seriously, the great hope not only of individual port city fans.

With the aim of creating "an effective team," the former France captain was active on the transfer market to bring about consistent players. More than half the team was "instead of blood", to cater to an attacking philosophy but not tolerant towards Deschamps: Lucho Gonzalez, Souleymane Diawara, Stephane Mbia, Fabrice Abriel, Hatem Ben Arfa, Gabriel Heinze ... The players inconsistent with the idea of football Deschamps was strongly pushed, whether it is a Lorik Cana - the then captain of Marseille (sold to Sunderland).

Above all is a picture medium tolerance, just as a tough person to lead the team. Like the early waves at Monaco, Deschamps also met difficulties in the task-oriented strategies for the management team and the big egos in the Velodrome. That's when Deschamps forgive young midfielder Hatem Ben Arfa after he was threatened ... hitting, or when he must reassure and comfort Stephane Mbia to put him on the next play central defender Diawara, although the Cameroon player who has expressed opposition to the present, with the simple reason that he only felt comfortable head soccer midfielder.

Many people may be quite idealistic thinking that destiny has chosen for the task Deschamps answer was wearing a disturbance at college 17 years Velodrome: VDQG title. After Labour Cup (beating Bordeaux in the final) is VD Ligue 1 titles. But there is nothing mysterious here at all: The fruit that is persistent efforts of the labor process seriously. Just another year old, Deschamps dominated by his team enjoy yourself in the game and fighting spirit to lead with unyielding willpower on the field. Now, he passed the flame spirit to the team in a different way, with the thinking of a military situation.

Do not have a link back than the team was a symbol of his own glory lead to the first in nearly two decades. But Marseille and Deschamps also remember that peak was hard, keep yourself in that position many times more difficult. Look at the example of Bordeaux.

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